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Vision Transfer /
Withdrawal Of
Transfer of Membership
The Managing Committee may decide to allow transfer of membership by a Founder, Patron or a Life Member who has completed 5 years of his membership to any other person subject to the proposed transferee being acceptable to the Gymkhana as per prescribed of Rules & Regulations and Bye-Laws to consider the Transfer of Membership. The Managing Committee is empowered to prescribe Rules and Regulations and Bye-Laws to consider the transfer of membership. In case the proposed transferee is acceptable to the Gymkhana as a member the proposed transferee shall be required to pay minimum of 30% or maximum 50% of the prevailing Life Membership fees to the Gymkhana. Minor life Member can transfer his/her membership 5 years after attaining majority and Corporate Members are not entitled to transfer their membership to any other person or a Corporate Body. No transfer of Life Membership shall be permitted to deceased member. Associate Spouse member shall not be permitted to transfer his/her Life Membership.
Withdrawal of Membership
A Founder, Patron, Life, Corporate Member or Corporate Nominee Member and Associate Spouse Member who desires to resign from Membership of the Gymkhana shall inform the Managing Committee in writing together with all amounts due and payable by him/her to the Gymkhana.