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Vision Card Room

Timing and Fees
Card Dept.
Rs 30
Rs 160
Rs 1200
Rs 200
Per Day
Card Room Timings: 4.00 PM to 11.00 PM
Sub-Committee Members
Incharge :Jeram Bhanushali
Convenor : Mahesh Bhanushali
Jt.Convenor :Kishor Kamdar
Members : Harish Shah, Sunil Jethalal Shah, Kamlesh Doshi, Rajesh Thaker, Jethalal Bhanushali

Rules & Regulations:

  1. During this period on Saturday, Sunday, Bank holiday, Card Room shall remain open from 3.00 P.M. to 11.00 PM while on Weekdays the Card Room shall remain open from 4.00 PM to 11.00 PM only.
  2. Guest Charges for week days shall be Rs.200.00 (Rupees Two hundred only) and for Saturday, Sunday and Holidays Guest Charges shall be Rs.250.00 (Rupees Two Hundred Fifty only) subject to availability of seat on the table. For Saturday, Sunday & Holiday only one guest per table will be allowed. On week days only TWO guests shall be allowed per table. In case Founder/Patron/Life and Associate member desirous of joining a table when the table is full and where one / two guests are occupying the seats then one of the guests shall have to vacate his/her seat for the member. Likewise, when another member wishes to join the table then the second guest shall also vacate his/her seat. When a new table is formed then the guests who have vacated their seats for the members shall have first right to join the new table.
  3. In NO CASE a table with more than TWO Guests will be allowed to be formed irrespective of the members desirous of forming a private table.
  4. No new table will be formed before 1½ hr of close-up time.
  5. A person will be deemed to have joined the table only after drawing the card for selection of a seat and when he has been dealt the cards for the game. Merely sitting near the table or holding counters will not amount to joining the table.
  6. Playing Members can call members from other table before 30 minutes of close-up time.
  7. No smoking in the lobby.
  8. No smoking sign board to be put up. If any member / person found violating the rules then
    1st warning – To be given
    2nd warning – One week suspension
    3rd warning – One month suspension
  9. A Guest will be introduced by a Member at the Reception Counter ONLY by signing the register and also paying the necessary Guest Charges. The said receipt shall be submitted to the Card Room Marker. Payment of Guest Charges shall not  entitle the Guest to get a seat on the table. Guest charges paid are not refundable if the guest does not get a seat to play on a table.
  10. Any dispute on the tables regarding any matter related to the Card Room shall be decided by the members of the Card Room Sub-Committee and their decision shall be final and binding on members/guests using the Card Room.